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Present:President Ken Burry, President-elect Frank Gamberdella, Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren, Assistant Secretary Robert Prins, Directors Robin Cole, Martin Schwartz, Roger Schlesinger, Mike Medchill, Bill Parer, Editor Scientific Proceedings Phil Patton, and Historian Lyman Rust.

Invited Guests: Paul Kaplan, Program Chair 2006, Jim Fearl, Arrangements Chair 2006, Moon Kim Editor AJOG, and David Lagrew, Program Chair 2007.

President Lamb called the meeting to order at 10:00am.

The minutes of the second Board of Directors' meeting in Kauai were read and approved by the Board.

Secretary/Treasurer Shefren gave a report of the current status of the Society.

Dr. Kim was introduced by Scientific Editor Phil Patton and discussed the changes currently in place and those planned for the future in the AJOG. He first discussed the comments that have been received by the Journal from subscribers over the passed few years about all the Society editions. They have had complaints that the quality of the articles are often variable and better quality papers are being turned down as a result. PCOGS has tended to have a higher than average acceptance for papers compared to other Societies. But the Editors have become more restrictive in their acceptance policy and PCOGS has dropped from 90% acceptance of papers in 2004 to 54% in 2005. The overall acceptance of none Society papers has been in the range of 35% and the Citation index in the 66%-95% range. The overall Society editions have had an acceptance rate in 2005 of 33%-100% and the Citation index tends to be lower 24%-92%. He also commented that the new publisher, Elsevier, is one of the largest publishers in the world and takes a much more business view of financials of the publications. They expect that the publication will move to an electronic format that will be sent to all Obstetrician/Gynecologists free and as such the ad income will exceed the subscription income. All accepted papers after January 2007 will consist of full text online publication and abbreviated (1200-1500) word printed publication. The full text of the Presidential Address of the Society will be published both online and in the printed version.

The full report by Dr. Kim is attached to these minutes at the bottom of the page. Click here to view.

The seventy-second annual meeting of the Society was held on September 28- October 2, 2005 at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii. In attendance were 81 Fellows, 12 Retired Fellows, 8 Society Guests, 13 Caucus Guests, 8 Personal Guests, 6 Ted Adams and Frank Lynch Scholarship Guests, and 15 Guests of the Board of Directors. In addition there were 94 spouses and companions for a total attendance of 240. The differential in the registration fees for Fellows and Companions appears to have been successful as I heard no complaints from the membership and the attendance was excellent. The meeting financials had a positive balance of $21,578 and we had $22,600 in Educational Grants. Without the Educational Grants we would have broken even.

The finances for the Society continue to remain positive and we have grown our reserves steadily over the past 6 years. The accounts had a total of $206,510 on December 31, 2005 and we have an additional $25,000 from the Ralph Walker estate for a total of $231,510.

The Arrangements Chair for 2006 and the Secretary went on a site visit to the Sun Valley Lodge to finalize the preparations for the 2006 meeting scheduled for October 4-October 8. The facilities have been upgraded in the last few years and should provide an excellent venue for the meeting.

We have collected a total of $3,030 in Memorial Fund contributions so far this year from 32 Fellows. The total Memorial Fund accounts at year's end were $262,496 which includes the payment for Ted Adams Scholarship and Frank Lynch expenses for the 2005 Kauai meeting of $13,096. If we assume a 5% return on the Ted Adams Scholarship Fund, we can spend $9,000 for the Ted Adams awards for the 2006 meeting which would be 5 scholarships.

The current ratio of Fellows to Senior Fellows is 66.54%. We have seen a significant increase of Fellows to a total of 171 and an overall membership of 266. We will need a By-Laws amendment this year to raise the current Fellows ceiling. I would recommend that we remove the limit and allow the Board to track and control the membership through the acceptance of Caucus and Society Guests.

In summary the Society finances remain in good condition with steadily increasing reserves. We have made a profit on the last 4 meetings, and with our expenses decreasing, the Society finances show a steady increase in reserves and increasing Fellow memberships.

Assistant Secretary Prins' report is attached to these minutes. The Board discussed the importance of updating the quality and the information on the website. Secretary Shefren recommended that the website be completely redesigned with a new webmaster that would work with the Assistant Secretary. The Board's consensus was to have much of the communications with the members go through the website in the future and we should design for that. A motion was made by Director Schwartz to authorize up to $10,000 for redesign of the website and it was passed unanimously.

Assistant Secretary Prins also commented that it remains difficult to get information and pictures from the families of deceased members. The Board felt it was important to continue to try and get this information for the Transactions whenever possible.

Dr. Patton reported that 26 manuscripts were submitted to the Journal through Editorial Manager and included 12 papers from Fellows, 10 from Society Guests, and 3 resident papers. The Frank Lynch manuscript was not submitted by the presenter. A total of 12 were accepted for publication of which 8 were from Fellows, 2 were from Society Guests and 2 were from resident posters.

The paper by Elliot Main, et al., "Is there a useful cesarean birth measure? Assessment of the nulliparous term singleton vertex (NTSV) cesarean birth (CB) rate as a tool for obstetrical quality improvement" was proposed as the Editors Choice which was approved by the AJOG Editor.

This was the first year in which:

  • Informal discussions and authors' responses to the questions at the Annual Meeting were not recorded and transcribed for inclusion with the manuscripts accepted for publication.
  • Only the formal discussion, minus the discussant's questions, was provided to the Journal to accompany a manuscript accepted for publication.

The Scientific Editor stated in his report that their will be no changes in the way manuscripts should be submitted through Editorial Manager in 2006. He emphasized the previous comments from the Board that he and other members of the Program Committee are willing to do a pre-review of any paper before it is submitted to Editorial Manager and make recommendations on what might be improved to increase the chances of publication. Once it has been submitted via Editorial Manager it will be out of the Society's hands.

The deadline for submission will be August 1, 2006.

Historian Rust reported that he has converted the albums from 1995 to the present and still has 1991-1994 to do. He has completed the histories through 1994 and is almost finished with 2005. He recommended that we continue to get email updates from the members and suggested that we have the recording secretary send out several emails each year to the membership to respond if this is the correct email. Those that don't respond could be contacted by other means.

Arrangements Chair Fearl reported that we continue to work out the details for the 2006 meeting. The Arrangements Committee has been identified and a number of activities are being finalized. There will be transportation from the airport provided by the Sun Valley Resort. He reported that the Lodge and Inn looked and performed very well during the site visit in October of 05.

Program Chair Paul Kaplan reported that we will have 19 Society Guest oral presentations and 4 Fellow oral presentations. In addition we will have 3 Fellow posters and 1 Society Guest poster. Two Society Guests asked to have their presentations deferred until 2007, Dr. Linda Guidice and Dr V. Gabriel Garzo. The Board felt both had valid reasons and would be deferred until 2007. The Board agreed to have 5 Ted Adams Posters for this meeting as well as the Frank Lynch essay. The Board reaffirmed the expectation that the Frank Lynch manuscript will be submitted to the AJOG for publication.

He reported that we are in compliance with most of the new recommendations of the AJOG already so no new processes were needed. However we will need to encourage the authors to keep their articles concise in order to allow most of the papers to be published.

The Board discussed the proportion of Fellow to Society Guest oral presentations. Director Schwartz made a motion that the program committee should attempt to balance the Fellow/ Society Guest oral presentation ratio at 50-50 and consider reducing the length of the presentations from the current 15 minutes to 10 minutes with a 5 minute formal discussion and 5 minute informal discussion. The Board decided to discuss this issue again at the Sun Valley Meeting.

The following Caucus Guests were proposed by the Caucus Directors and discussed by the Board. A motion was passed unanimously to accept all for the 2007 meeting.

Seattle Caucus: None; Portland Caucus: Julia Bouchard, Audrey Garrett, Theresa Simpson, John Sobeck; San Francisco Caucus: Ken Ward, Jonathon Berek, Juan Vargus, Fredrica Lofquist, Keith Ogasawara, Jan Lanouette; Los Angeles Caucus: Jamie McGregor, Brian Jick, William Roy, Margaret Ellison, Karen Noblett, Rick Ellsworth; San Diego/Arizona Caucus: Matt Kim, Patricia Grade.

The following Society Guests were proposed by the Caucus Directors and discussed by the Board. A motion was passed unanimously to accept all for the 2007 meeting.

Seattle Caucus: Dan Veljovich, Steve Woods; Portland Caucus: Karen Adams, Bruce Andison, Kathleen Kennedy, Catherine LeClair; San Francisco Caucus: Aaron Caughey, Katherine Gregory, Herman Hedriana; Los Angeles Caucus: Kathryn Shaw, Shaun Grady, Guillermo Valenzuela; San Diego/Arizona Caucus: Kathy Deasy, Scott Deasy, Caryl Reinsch, Francisco Garcia, William Chavira, Michael Brady, Thomas Gaylord.

A motion was also passed unanimously to allow Dr. Linda Guidice and Dr. Gabriel Garzo, who were expected to be Society Guests in 2006, to move to 2007.


Report of the Task Force -
A motion was made to add one member to the Board of Directors that has been a member of the Society less than 5 years from election to serve for 3 years. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board elected to keep the Retired Fellows dues at $25 for those who wish to receive the mailings.

The Board unanimously passed a motion not to change the current By-Laws requirements for membership.

The Board discussed the Task Force recommendation to have some meetings in the summer time frame to potentially meet the needs of those with children. The Board instructed the Secretary to conduct a survey of the membership about their interest in having an August meeting at some time in the future.

The Board discussed the issues of the sports day and reaffirmed that this activity should essentially be self supported and not affect the registration fee for the meetings.

Bylaws Changes -
The Board reviewed the By-Laws section related to Fellow numbers in Article I Section 1.(a) that limits the number of Fellows to 175. They were advised that we now have 171 Fellows and will not be able to accept all of the Society Guests expected to present papers at the Sun Valley meeting. Secretary Shefren recommended the following change in the By-Laws:

(a) Fellows. The Fellowship shall be composed of Fellows, not to exceed 175 in number, who are graduates of medical schools acceptable to the Board of Directors and who reside in the states (or province) of Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. They shall have limited their professional activities to the general field of obstetrics and/or gynecology for at least five (5) years, exclusive of training, and shall be diplomates of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology or hold equivalent certification acceptable to the Board of Directors. In addition to all rights and interests hereinafter enumerated, Fellows are eligible to hold office and vote.

A motion was passed unanimously to accept the By-Laws change and recommend it for passage by the membership at the first business meeting in Sun Valley. The Board expects that future Boards will carefully assess the membership numbers each year and adjust the number of Society Guests accordingly.

A motion was made and unanimously passed to have Martin Schwartz conduct a review of the By-Laws and make recommendations to the Board at the Sun Valley meeting.

Ralph Walker Grant The Board discussed a number of options for the use of the generous $25,000 bequest made through his estate. They felt they needed further study and instructed the Secretary to keep the funds in the general reserves.

The Board discussed a number of options for the use of the generous $25,000 bequest made through his estate. They felt they needed further study and instructed the Secretary to keep the funds in the general reserves.

Respectfully Submitted

Jerry Shefren, M.D. Secretary/Treasurer


Moon Kim Report to the Board 3/4/06
2005 Annual Report of AJOG for The Pacific Coast OB/GYN S
(March 4, 2006; Clarion Hotel SF Airport)

  1. COGS issue published in June

    1. Number of articles: Received/reviewed 28 (2004 annual meeting) & accepted 26 (90%)
    2. Number of articles: Received/reviewed 26 (2005 meeting) & accepted 14 (54%)
    3. New review process: Online Editorial Managers
      PCOGS suggested reviewers and two AJOG reviewer

  2. Quality of the PCOGS papers

    1. Reviewers' grading
    2. Citation Index: PCOGS vs., other Societies vs., Non Society regular articles published in 2002 & 2003, and acceptance rates (2002 vs. 2005 meetings)

    3. Acceptance Rate %
        Citation Index 2002 Meeting 2005 Meeting
      Regular Article:   35% (23% Foreign) 37% (26%)
      Review 95%    
      COs 70%    
      OB Papers 72%    
      GYN papers 66%    
      Society Papers:
      AGOS 92% 94% 100% (13/13)
      SMFM 63% 39% 37% (67/180)
      APGO 24% 62% 59% (22/37)
      SGS 40% 78% 33% (14/43)
      CAOG 63% 82% 50% (9/18)
      PCOGS 62% 96% 50% (13/26)
      SAAOG 41% 96% 50% (11/18)

  3. New format of AJOG

    1. Manuscript submission and peer review process remain unchanged.
    2. Publication time: Online vs. print version
    3. All accepted papers to be published after January, 2007 consists of full text online publication and abbreviated version (1200 1500 words) in printed publication.
    4. Full text of Presidential Address of the Society will be published both in online and printed version.
    5. When a paper is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will be asked to highlight by bold face all important aspects of their manuscript (Introduction, M&M, findings and conclusions), which will be used to write a short summary version. Authors may chose to write it themselves or to have a medical writer for AJOG to do it.
    6. A short version must conform to the full text in its accuracy for which authors are fully responsible.
    7. Free circulation to all OB/GYNs in U.S.
    8. Online access to all Society members (members to register for free access)

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