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SEPTEMBER 28, 2005

Present: President Ron Millard, President?Elect Ken Burry, Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren, Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead, Directors Robert Prins, Mike Medchill, Martin Schwartz, Tom Powers, Editor Scientific Proceedings Phil Patton, and Past President Russ Laros.

Invited Guests Bill Gilbert, Program Chair 2005, Ira Golditch, Arrangements Chair 2005, James Fearl Arrangements Chair 2006, Paul Kaplan Program Chair 2006, Bob Israel Industry Liaison, Lyman Rust Historian, Jack Enbom Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning Chair.

President Millard called the meeting to order at 4:30PM.

The Minutes of the Interim Board of Directors' Meeting in San Francisco were approved by the Board.

Secretary/Treasurer Shefren gave a report of the current status of the Society.



The Society has had a successful year. The preparation for the Hawaii meeting have been moving along extremely well under the direction of Ira Golditch our Arrangements Chair. We will have 21 papers from Fellows and Society Guests and a guest speaker. This year we will have 5 Ted Adams poster presentations and the Frank Lynch memorial essay all funded through our scholarship funds. The quality of the poster submissions was very high and the Society elected to invite all poster submissions to attend the meeting and wave one registration fee. We expect to have a total of 9 poster presentations of which 5 will be eligible for the Charles Kimball award.

The membership has been advised of the two By?Laws changes that will be voted on at the first business meeting.

The finances for the Society continue to remain strong and we have grown our reserves steadily over the past 5 years. The accounts had a total of $177,590 on December 31, 2005. This year we have raised $17,600 to date in educational support thanks to the excellent work of Bob Israel and assisted by David Adamson.

We collected a total of $4705 in Memorial Fund contributions from 50 Fellows. Those honored include Bob Lowden, Paul Peterson, Ted Loring, Stirling Pillsbury, Jerry Moore,

George Baba, Saturu Nishijima, Carl Goetsch, Richard Bolton, Bill Young, Jack Molitor, Charles Kimball, and George Macer. The total Memorial Fund accounts at years end was $274,891 which is a substantial rebound from the low of $213,913 at the end of 2002.

We have signed contracts for our meeting in Sun Valley for October 4?8, 2006 at the Sun Valley Resort hosted by the Portland Caucus, Lake Las Vegas for October 9?14, 2007 at the Hyatt hosted by the Los Angeles Caucus, and we are negotiating with The Fairmont Express in Victoria, Washington for September 9?14, 2008 hosted by the Seattle Caucus.

The current membership stands at 259 with 162 Fellows, 88 Retired Fellows, 7 Non Resident Fellows, and 2 Honorary Fellows. The current ratio of Fellows to Senior Fellows is 64.80%.

In summary the Society finances remain in good condition with steadily increasing reserves. The Memorial Fund balances have improved significantly and the contributions combined with the earnings will cover the current scholarship costs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jerry Shefren, M.D.
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