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JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Phoenix, Arizona
11:15 AM October 23, 2004

The meeting was called to Order by President Russ Laros at 11: 15 AM.


Secretary Shefren outlined the highlights of the minutes of the 1st Business Meeting which had been distributed to the members.

President Laros asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of the l' Business Meeting 2003, 2 Business meeting 2003, 2 Board of Directors 2003, and the Interim Board of Directors Meeting 2004. The Minutes were passed unanimously.


Frank Gamberdella reported that he and George Lee had reviewed the financial affairs and find the books in good order.


The candidates were presented with comments from the Fellows.
  • Kathleen Bradley - LA

  • Joel Cohen - LA

  • Renee Edwards - P

  • Michael Katz - SF

  • Thomas Kosasa - SF

  • Fung Lam - SF

  • Lee Learman - SF

  • Gerard Letterie - SE

  • Stephanie Mann - SF

  • David Miller - LA

  • Thomas Musci - SF

  • Joseph Ouzounain - LA

  • Albert Phillips - LA

  • Donna Wiggins - SF


Chairman Jim Maharry announced the recommended slate of officers for 2004?2005
President Ron Millard
President Elect Ken Burry
Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren
Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead

President Laros asked if there were any nominations from the floor. A motion was made and seconded to close the nominations and was unanimously approved. The slate was deemed elected.

President Laros invited President Millard to the podium and handed the gavel to him. President Millard congratulated President Laros on a successful year and meeting and thanked him for his many contributions to the Society. He was presented with an engraved glass vase as a gift from the Society.

President Millard announced the following committee appointments:

Program Committee:
  • San Francisco - Bill Gilbert - Chairman Portland - Paul Kaplan

  • Seattle - Kirk Shy

  • Los Angeles - Deborah Wing

  • San Diego/Arizona - Tawfik Rizkallah
Arrangements Chair 2005 - Ira Golditch
Audio Visual - Tom Powers and Mike Collins


  • Seattle - Robert Prins 2004-2006

  • Portland - Martin Schwartz 2004-2006

  • San Francisco - Bill Parer 2005-2007

  • San Diego/Arizona - Jim Mouer 2003-2005

  • Los Angeles - Tom Powers 2003-2005


President Millard ask for the Caucus Chairs to report on their meetings. Tom Powers reported that the LA Caucus supported the By Laws change and the standing nominating committee with a 3 year term. They did not support the Associate Fellow membership category. Bob Prins reported that the Seattle Caucus supported the By Laws change and the nominating committee change but not the Associate Fellow membership, preferring the use of the personal guest category. James Mouer reported that the San Diego/Arizona Caucus supported all three proposals. Bill Parer reported that the San Francisco Caucus did not support the Associate Fellow membership category but did support the nominating committee changes and the By Laws change. Martin Schwartz reported that the Portland Caucus supported the By Laws change requiring at least 30 members for an emergency meeting and the nominating committee change but not the Associate Fellow membership category. Tawfik Rizkallah emphasized that his recommendation for a Associate Fellow membership category would only include Board eligible candidates.


Lyman Rust and Jack Enbom gave their report on how the photographs and albums should be handled in the future. They recommended that all future pictures be done digitally. We should create two printed albums, one for the President and one for the Society. Each Caucus could keep the album from their meeting and bring the last five albums to each meeting for display in the Hospitality room. The photos for each meeting would be put on a DVD and be available for purchase at cost to interested members.


Hawaii Meeting

Ira Golditch reported on the status of the Hawaii meeting preparations. Because of the strong interest in the meeting he will increase the number of available rooms. The plan will be similar to the last few meetings with one free night. The Fellows agreed with the recommendation to increase the registration fee to cover the costs of the meeting.

Long Range Planning

President Millard reminded the Fellows that a long range planning committee headed by Dave Pent reported their findings about 10 years ago. He recommended that we have a new task force to review that plan and advise the Board of any new recommendations. He appointed Marilyn Laughead as Chair with the following Fellows as members; Jack Enbom, Mike Smith, Tom Powers, and Andy Coombs. Marilyn asked all Fellows to make any suggestions to her concerning the direction of the Society for the next 10 years.

2007 Meeting

Tom Powers asked for a show of hands about going to Las Vegas for the 2007 meeting. The response was very poor. Santa Barbara, Ojai, Newport Beach, and Monterey all received positive support.


Secretary Shefren reminded the Fellows that the next meeting would be at the Hyatt Regency on Kauai, Hawaii September 28?October 2, 2005. He asked for a show of hands on how many would expect to attend with almost all Fellows present voting that they would attend. The 2006 meeting will be at Sun Valley hosted by the Portland Caucus, and 2007 to be determined by the Los Angeles Caucus.

President Millard adjourned the meeting at 12:30 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Jerry Shefren
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