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OCTOBER 20, 2004

Present: President Russ Laros, President?elect Ron Millard, Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren, Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead, Directors Robert Prins, Ron Unzelman, Martin Schwartz, Tom Powers, Editor Scientific Proceedings Phil Patton, and Past President Emmet Lamb.

Invited Guests Tawfik Rizkallah, Program Chair 2004, Bill Clewell, Arrangements Chair 2004.

President Laros called the meeting to order at 4:30PM.

The Minutes of the Interim Board of Directors' Meeting in San Francisco were read and approved by the Board.

Secretary/Treasurer Shefren gave a report of the current status of the Society.


The Society has had a successful year marked by an excellent meeting in Anchorage with an attendance of almost 200 and positive financial result. We have added 14 new members and the meeting in Phoenix has the potential for 14 additional fellows. Our current membership is 250 with 160 Fellows, 81 Retired Fellows, 7 Non?Resident Fellows, and 2 Honorary Fellows. The percentage of Fellows to Retired Fellows has increased from 64.22% to 66.39 which is a welcome trend.

The Scholarship Funds have increased $8444.43 or 3.4% since December of 2003. In addition we received $5,470 in Memorial Fund Contributions this year for a total increase of $13,914.43.

The Society financial reserves continue to increase and now stand at $151,319.19 up from $132,632 at the end of 2003. The Phoenix meeting will be expensive but Bill and Carol Clewell have worked hard to keep within budget. Thanks to the hard work of Bob Israel and David Adamson we have received $27,000 in educational support for the meeting.

We have contracts for 2005 at the Hyatt Regency Kauai for September 28­October 2, 2005 and Sun Valley for October 3-October 8, 2006. Los Angeles will be hosting the 2007 meeting.

I believe the most important objective for the Society will remain to be recruitment of new members to maintain a healthy ratio of active Fellows. The Board has continued to be aggressive in that regard.

The consideration of a adjunct membership category may be an excellent opportunity to promote the Society to younger physicians in and finishing their training.

The 70th annual meeting of the Society was held on September 16?21, 2003 at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage Alaska. In attendance were 70 Fellows, 14 Retired Fellows, 12 Society Guests, 13 Caucus Guests, 6 Personal Guests, 4 Ted Adams and Frank Lynch Scholarship Guests, and 1 Guests of the Board of Directors. In addition there were 69 spouses and companions for a total attendance of 190. The hotel was exceedingly cooperative and provided an excellent venue.

The meeting financials had a positive balance of $21,721.28. We financed the Ted Adams Scholarship and Frank Lynch costs out of meeting expenses which accounts for $5241.The pharmacy support for this meeting totals $9000 thanks to the hard work of Bob Israel and David Adamson.

The Scholarship funds have increased thanks to the stock market rebound and the process of paying the scholarships out of general revenues rather than the funds themselves over the past 2 years. Our current total is $260,052 and we have collected an additional $5205 in contributions so far this year thanks to the letter from Russ Laros to the membership. If we anticipate a 5% return over the year we will have $13,250 for scholarships this year which will allow us to have 6 Ted Adams scholars and the Frank Lynch.

Bob Israel will not be attending the Interim Board meeting but submitted the following report of the committee to date. We have the following commitments to date: Pfizer $2500, Circon?ACMI $1500, TAP $10,000 for a total of $14,000. We also have an additional possibility of up to $5000 from several other companies so we are well ahead of last year at this time.

We ended the 2003 calendar year with a total of $132,632 in our accounts. This represents significant growth of our reserves and continues the trend since 1999. The increase in dues and the savings we will achieve through the use of the Website and online Transactions should allow us to continue this trend. We will need to manage the costs carefully however at the Phoenix meeting which will likely have much higher costs than Anchorage.

We have had two fellow deaths since the Board materials were distributed. James Stickler from the San Francisco Caucus and Dan Golenternek from the Los Angeles Caucus.

The total membership has increased slightly but the percentage of Fellows to the total remains relatively stable over the past 5 years. I am still concerned that this ratio is not healthy for the long term and feel we should continue to have aggressive recruitment of qualified candidates.

Respectfully Submitted

Jerry Shefren, M.D.


Dr. Laughead asked the Board if they wanted to continue the Personal Newsletter since only 20?25 respond. The Board felt that we should continue the Personal Newsletter and encourage the newer members to contribute. The President will remind the members at the 1st Business meeting.

She advised the Board that the 2002 Transactions are ready for posting on the Website. The delay was required because the Frank Lynch Essay was being published in a peer reviewed journal.

The Assistant Secretary is working with the Linda Hinrichsen to keep the membership addresses and phone numbers up to date. Changes are being requested at the time of registration and we will try to make this option available on the Website.

The Board agreed to keep the Senior dues at $25 since the meeting booklet and other activities still have a cost.

Dr. Laughead discussed the problem of getting pictures and obituaries from the families of deceased members. The Board felt it would advantages to have everyone submit pictures to the Society that could be added to the Website.


Dr. Millard advised the Board that all of the histories are complete. He recommended that a new Historian be appointed now that he is the President Elect.


Dr. Rizkallah reported that we will have 22 oral presentations at the meeting with 14 by Society Guests and 8 by Fellows. In addition we will have 9 Posters of which 6 are Ted Adams Scholarship winners and 3 are from Fellows. We will have Michael Harrison for a guest speaker and Iris Colon as the Frank Lynch Memorial Essayist.


Dr. Patton reported that for 2003 we had 26 manuscripts submitted for publication and 19 were accepted. The rejected papers included 6 from Society Guests and 1 from a Fellow. He described the changes in the Journal which now requires the use of Editorial Manager for submission and we will have outside reviewers designated by the Journal.

This year we have submitted 22 manuscripts and 21 have passed the first level of review.


Bill Gilbert reported that we have 13 confirmed Society Guests for 2005 at this time with the potential of 2 additional.


Bill Clewell reported that the meeting arrangements are going well and the hotel has been very cooperative with the arrangements. Although we have run out of rooms almost all members and guests have been accommodated at the hotel. The financials for the meeting appear to show a small positive margin at this time.


Ira Golditch reported that we have concluded an excellent contract with the Hyatt Regency on Kauai for September 28?October 2, 2005. We have excellent rates and a minimal commitment for rooms thanks to the efforts of Diane Nakayama. We will get the reservation forms out early and encourage the membership to secure rooms at their earliest convenience.


1. ACOG Joint Sponsorship.
The Board reviewed the comments of Don Barford about the changes in the cost for CME accreditation for the meeting. The Board agreed that even though the costs were increasing it was important to the Society to continue this accreditation process.

2.The Board reviewed the recommendation by Tawfik Rizkallah to create a new
category of membership. The category would be called Associate Fellow and have the following requirements:

An Associate Fellow (AF) must meet the academic, professional, and geographic requirements for Fellows. It may also be extended to a board eligible candidate.
The duration would be a maximum of 5 years
Admission to membership would be the same (see Section 3, Article I, By-Laws)
A AF is expected to present a paper at the society annual meeting within five years of their admission
Election to a Fellow status will be the same as a society guest.
AF will be awarded the same rights and interests as a fellow except that they will be ineligible vote or hold office
Dues will be the same as Fellows
Annual meeting registration fees will be the same as Fellows
Extension of AF status beyond five years duration will require Caucus endorsement and approval of the Board of Directors

The Board recommended that this be discussed at the 1st Business Meeting in Phoenix.

3.The Board discussed the letter sent by Lyman Rust on his progress in converting the old picture albums to DVD. He has successfully converted many of them and recommended that we use only digital photography in the future. The Board recommended that we sell a DVD copy to interested members at cost each year.

4. Martin Schwartz commented that his review of the By?Laws Section Article III Section 2 on Special Meetings would allow only 10 members to require a special meeting be held. He felt this number was to low given the total membership. The Board agreed that this should be reviewed by legal council and consideration of raising the number to at least 30.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Jerry Sheffren, M.D.
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