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Present: President Russ Laros, President-elect Ron Millard, Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren, Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead, Directors Martin Schwartz, Ron Unzelman, Robert Prins, Tom Powers, Past President Emmet Lamb, and Phil Patton Editor of Scientific Proceedings.

Invited Guests: Donald Barford, Program Chair 2003, Tawfik Rizkallah, Program Chair 2004, Bill Clewell, Arrangements Chair 2004,

President Laros called the meeting to order at 1:30 PM.

President Laros asked if there were any comments from the Board about the Society Guests. The Board unanimously passed a motion that all the candidates be placed on the ballot to be mailed to the membership. They are:

John Brown - Los Angeles
Edith Cheng - Seattle
Andy Combs - San Francisco
Linda Fox - Portland
John Girard - San Francisco
Laura Greenberg - Portland
John Lenihan - Seattle
Lynn McLean - San Francisco
David Plourd - San Diego/Arizona
Jone Sampson - Portland
Wendy Smith - Portland
Vera Stucky - San Diego/Arizona
Dena Towner - San Francisco
Cinna Wohlmuth - Los Angeles

President Laros commented on the fact that we make decisions for the Society but have not polled the members to get their opinions about major issues concerning the Society. He suggested we consider a survey to all members to determine what they like about the Society and what we could change to improve and increase the attendance at the meetings.

Phil Patton advised the Board that he had completed manuscripts for all of the papers. There was a total of 23 papers, 14 from Society Guests, 8 from Fellows and the Frank Lynch Essayist. The Board was concerned that some of the formal discussants were either giving a mini-paper, rehashing the paper or using to many slides. The Board recommended the Phil give more guidance to the formal discussants.

Donald Barford reported that the committee had met to discuss the issue of the completed manuscripts for determining the Frank Lynch Essayist and proposed the following change to the 12th Standing Rule.

Memorial Essay papers will be PREFERENTIALLY judged from a completed manuscript but may be judged and not from an abstract. The Memorial Essay Committee should make it clear to the Essayist that he/she must prepare a paper for publication in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The Board unanimously passed a motion to make that change to the 12th Standing Rule.

Don also pointed out that the Bylaws do not prohibit choosing a fellow in training.

He also requested that we pay an honorarium to our guest speaker, Dr. Baker, of $500 which was approved.

Status of the Scholarship Funds. Secretary Shefren advised the Board that with the CMA decision to place some of the funds in equities just before the drop in the stock market and the low interest rates we are not able to fund the full costs for the Ted Adams and Frank Lynch scholars without continuing to lose principle from the Funds. He recommended that we use general funds to pay the expenses for the 2002 and 2003 scholarships and possibly 2004 to allow the funds to regain their previous levels. The Board passed a motion to pay the costs from the general funds for 2002, 2003, and 2004 if necessary.

He also recommended that we write a letter to all Fellows requesting that they consider contributing to the funds in their annual charitable gift giving as well as considering a legacy gift. This could help us create a stable income source for the Scholarship program for the future.

Dues Increase- Secretary Shefren advised the Board that the cost of the AJOG has increased from $45 to $55. We need to increase the costs for Retired Fellows who wish to received the Journal. He also pointed out that we have not increased the dues for over 10 years. We have seen a increase in costs for most all expenses. Although we have saved money by not printing the transactions we have lost some money on the last several meetings especially since we have funded the Ted Adams and Frank Lynch costs out of the General Funds. He also pointed out that we should aim for reserves of at least one year’s total costs to insure the financial strength of the Society.

He made a motion to increase the dues to $350 for the coming year. The motion passed unanimously.

Mailings - Secretary Shefren recommended to the Board that we discontinue traditional mailings except for information requiring votes and dues statements and to have the remaining information placed on the Website. Those Fellows who wished to continue to receive the traditional mailings could do so by paying an additional $25 just as the Retired Fellows do now. If retired fellows wished to use the electronic format they would not need to pay the fee in the future. The Board accepted this as a motion which was passed unanimously.

The Board was requested to approve adding 3 more Society Guests for 2004. The Board discussed the issues that prohibited those Society Guests from presenting in 2003 and agreed that they were unusual circumstances. A motion was unanimously past that Renee Edwards, Fung Lam, and Gerry Letterie be invited as Society guests for 2004.

Secretary Shefren made a motion to pay for the room costs of the Board designated photographer for the meeting. The motion was unanimously passed.

Robert Prins agreed to see if he could scan the 2000 meeting album and create a DVD. If this can be done easily we would try to do the same with the rest of the albums.

Marilyn Laughead asked the Board if they wanted to continue to have the Transactions published in the public section of the Website since it did contain personal information. The Board recommended that all personal information that is currently in the biographies be stripped out and continue to have the rest of the information in the public section. The Assistant Secretary will also develop a form that all members should fill out to update their biographical information.

Reminder to the Fellows that you can access the members only section by creating a password. Go to pcogs.com or pcogs.org and enter the members section. You will asked to create a password. In order to do so you should enter your first and last name as it is in our database which should be the same as the meeting booklet. Then add your home street address which confirms you are a member.

Bill Clewell asked the Board if they would consider a differential registration fee for the meeting to members who do not stay at the hotel for the meeting. Since we need to make commitments well in advance at some financial risk, we can incur a significant penalty when members and guests do not use the hotel. The Board agreed to address this at the Interim Board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by President Laros at 3:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Jerry Shefren, M.D.

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