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11:45 AM SEPTEMBER 20, 2003

The meeting was called to Order by President Emmet Lamb at 11:45 AM.

President Lamb announced the Dr. Margaret Chou was the 2003 recipient of the Charles Kimball award for her work while a resident at Stanford on ULTRASOUND DETERMINATION OF FETAL OCCIPUT POSITION DURING THE SECOND STAGE OF LABOR.

The minutes of the 1st Business Meeting were read and approved by the membership.

President Lamb read the names of each Society Guest requesting comments from the Fellows. All the Society Guests received strong recommendations and the Fellows unanimously recommended all to be placed on the ballot to the Board. They are as follows:

John Brown recommended by Gainer Pillsbury and Roger Schlesinger
Edith Cheng recommended by Robin Cole
Andrew Combs recommended by Jerry Shefren
Linda Fox recommended by Jack Enbom
John Girard recommended by Roger Hoag
Laura Greenberg recommended by Phil Patton
John Lenihan recommended by Don Barford and Vontver
Lynn McLean recommended by Solon Barbis
David Plourd recommended by Tom Powers and Ron Reinsch
Jone Sampson recommended by Ken Burry and Jeff Jensen
Wendy Smith recommended by Melanie Plaut
Vera Stucky recommended by Ron Reinsch
Dena Towner recommended by Russ Laros
Cinna Wohlmuth recommended by Tom Powers

Secretary Shefren reviewed the Bylaws changes that had been mailed to the membership during the summer. The changes allow the Board to use electronic communications through email or the Website instead of regular mail, added the Editor of Scientific Proceedings to the Board, and clarified the 5 year meeting attendance rule. The changes were unanimously approved by the Fellows.

Buck Peters reported that he and Roger Hoag had reviewed the books and found them in good order.

Chairman Gainer Pillsbury announced that the committee composed of Joe Hanns, Ira Golditch, Vern Katz, and Buck Peters recommended the following slate of officers.

President - Russ Laros President Elect - Ron Millard Secretary Treasurer - Jerry Shefren Assistant Secretary - Marilyn Laughead President Lamb asked if there were any nominations from the floor.

A motion was made by Lyman
Rust to close the nominations and it was unanimously approved.

President Laros accepted the gavel and thanked President Lamb for his service to the Society as President and his many years as Scientific Editor.

President Laros thanked the Fellows for the honor of being President of the Society and stated that he had 3 goals for the year. He pledged to keep the Society financially strong, encourage the recruitment of new quality members and to make next year’s meeting successful.

He announced the following committee appointments:

Program Committee - Debra Wing will represent Los Angeles, Paul Kaplan representing, Portland, William Gilbert representing San Francisco, Don Barford representing Seattle, and chaired by Tawfik Rizkallah representing San Diego/Arizona.

Caucus Directors for 2003
Seattle represented by Robert Prins, Martin Schwartz representing Portland, Ron Unzelman representing San Francisco, James Mouer representing San Diego/Arizona, and Tom Powers representing Los Angeles.

President Laros commented that since we had some difficulty with the Audio Recording this year we should consider appointmenting a Fellow to do the audio recording, especially since we have the equipment. The Editor of the Scientific Proceedings can evaluate that for the 2004 meeting.

Michael Collins spoke to the Fellows about possible sites for the 2006 meeting. He stated that the Caucus was considering, Sun Valley, Sun River, Portland, Jackson Hole. A straw vote seemed to indicate a preference for Sun Valley or Sun River. Several members commented that we might want to consider a meeting in August instead of the fall in order to make it easier for families to bring children. This would have to balance the potential problem of a more expensive venue if we are in season and hotter weather depending on the location.

Arrangements Chair for 2004 Bill Clewell showed some pictures of the Marriott Desert Ridge as well as the local area indicating that we will have an excellent venue for the meeting and many activities to choose from during the free time.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm by President Laros.

Respectively submitted,
Jerry Shefren

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