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Present: President Emmet Lamb, President-Elect Russ Laros, Past President Bob Israel, Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren, Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead, Directors Michael Collins, Ron Unzelman, Hedric Hanson, Tom Powers and James Mouer.

Invited Guests: Phil Patton as Editor, Scientific Proceedings, Ronald Millard as Historian, Donald Barford, Program Chair 2003, Tawfik Rizkallah, Program Chair 2004, Bill Clewell, Arrangements Chair 2004, Martin Schwartz incoming Caucus Chair Portland 2004, Robert Prins incoming Caucus Chair Seattle 2004.

President Lamb called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM.

President Lamb asked the Caucus Chairs to advise him of the nominating committee members by Friday morning in order for the chairman to be appointed and directions given to the committee.

The Minutes of the Interim Board of Directors’ Meeting in San Francisco March 1, 2003 were read and approved by the Board.

The sixty-ninth annual meeting of the Society was held on October 22-27, 2002 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort, Rancho Mirage, California. In attendance were 73 Fellows, 19 Retired Fellows, 10 Society Guests, 10 Caucus Guests, 4 Personal Guests, 5 Ted Adams and Frank Lynch Scholarship Guests, and 11 Guests of the Board of Directors. In addition there were 77 spouses and companions for a total attendance of 211.

The meeting financials had a negative balance of $11,721. We financed the Ted Adams Scholarship and Frank Lynch costs out of meeting expenses which accounts for $10,000 of the loss.

The Secretary has been in contact with the CMA regarding the 3 scholarship funds and they have expressed a willingness to consider allowing the Society to direct the investment strategy of the funds. We elected to leave the funds as is since the market was down and the reports will show significant increase as the market rebounded.

A contract was signed with the Hyatt Regency Kauai for September 28-October 2, 2005. We were able to get rooms from $199-$225. The contract overall is very good and we have not had to guaranteed a worrisome number of rooms.

The pharmacy support for this meeting totals $12,500 with little likelihood of additional funds. The Industry representatives were very loath to contribute this year. The preliminary budget indicates a potential shortfall for the meeting of $7000.

Current reserves stand at $119,000 with minimal expenses to be paid except for the Anchorage meeting.

The current ratio of Fellows to Senior Fellows is an average of just under 65%. The Board should consider a target % to maintain the viability of the Society.

The Memorial Funds have all increased in value since the last meeting along with the stock market. We have realized a gain of 107.1% over last year and the total value of the funds is now down $22,000 from the peak in January of 2001. We had total contributions of $3100 this year so the actual negative is about $18,000. The Funds are still managed by the CMA and approximately 25% remains in mutual funds. We did not pay any of the expenses for last years Ted Adams scholarship or Frank Lynch winners from the funds. The CMA has expressed a willingness to discuss having a different arrangement with PCOGS but a follow up meeting has to be scheduled. We need to decide if we want to pay the 2002 and 2003 costs out of general funds or the memorial funds this year.

The Board discussed the options of keeping the funds with the CMA or assuming more direct control. Russ Laros made a motion seconded by Don Barford to leave the funds as they are currently invested with the CMA while working with the CMA Foundation to have the Society assume more control allowing us to chose a more conservative investment strategy in desired. The motion was unanimously passed.

The 2001 Transactions are currently available on the PCOGS Website saving approximately $10,000 this year. The personal newsletter went out with 24 submissions received. Marilyn attended the Advisory Committee of the AJOG on April 27th, 2003, and gave the following report:

One third of all AJOG manuscripts are submitted by the 7 affiliate Societies

The maximum pages to be printed for the Societies is 115 with a few pages leeway

In 2002 PCOGS had 17 articles with 119 pages published

In 2001 PCOGS had 20 articles with 146 pages published

The AJOG has made some changes in the requirements for submission of papers that will be sent to prospective authors.

The Board discussed options to reduce the number of pages to make sure we stay within the current guidelines. We have the option of eliminating the informal and formal discussions or limiting the number of papers. The Board requested that the Program Committee review the options and make recommendations to the 2nd Board meeting on Saturday.

Tom Garite and Moon Kim will be taking over as Editors in Chief as Dr. Zuspan is retiring.

Program Chair Don Barford advised the Board that although there were some last minute changes we will have a full program for the meeting with presentations from 14 Society Guests and 8 Fellows as well as the Frank Lynch. We will have Beth Baker, M.D. as guest speaker to replace Governor Hickel who was called to Washington for a meeting and regrets he will not be able to attend.

Chairman Barford expressed some concern about the process for obtaining CME credit through the ACOG but other Board members felt that the alternatives in the past were more complicated than the present system.

The Board also discussed the problem of awarding the Frank Lynch Memorial which under the current standing rules should be chosen from a completed manuscript chosen as the best of the Ted Adams Scholarship contestants. In the past few years we have not had completed manuscripts to make a decision on and this year the winner was not able to attend the meeting. The Board outlined that there are several issues that need further clarification. One is whether we should continue to require a completed manuscript, two if we should consider this as a resident or perhaps a fellow in training award, and three if the winner must be present at the meeting. The Board requested that the Program committee discuss this and make a recommendation to the Board at our second meeting.

Arrangements Chair Hanson reported that the attendance at the meeting is expected to be around 200 and the weather has cooperated fabulously. Because of the short time allowed for lunch on Thursday we will have some deli sandwiches available for members.

Phil Patton reported that we had a total of 25 papers submitted for the 2002 meeting of which 10 were Fellows, 14 Society guests and the Frank Lynch.

He reported that we are in compliance with most of the new recommendations of the AJOG already so no new processes were needed. However we will need to encourage the authors to keep their articles concise in order to allow most of the papers to be published.

We will have a more detailed section on the Website instructing the authors on the new requirements

Program Chair Rizkallah is ready to start the process for 2004. He has 11 Society Guests who have agreed to present at this time.

He made several recommendations to the Board for consideration. He suggested that we consider an Associate Fellow status that would not require a paper and those members could choose to present a paper at a later time to become a Fellow. He also suggested that Fellows could be asked to present as guest speakers rather than using outside sources. President Lamb asked him to make a formal proposal to be discussed at the Interim Board meeting.

Bill Clewell announced that he is working with the hotel for the 2004 meeting and will report to the Board later about the options.

This was a very difficult year to solicit funds. To date we have pledges of $12,500 that includes $2500 from Organon and Richard Wolf, $2000 from United Surgical and Wyeth, $1000 from Ortho-McNeil, Philips Medical, and $1000 from Karl Storz, and $500 from Cooper Surgical We expect to have exhibits from Organon, Philips, and Wolf. Bob Israel, assisted by David Adamson, are responsible for our success in this difficult year.

The current membership stands at 241 with 148 Fellows, 84 Retired Fellows, 7 Non Resident Fellows, and 2 Honorary Fellows. We had 5 fellows retire in since our last meeting, Donald Lee, Richard Allen, Miles Novy, Wayne Heine, and Douglas Der Yuen. We had 2 members resign Vivian Dickerson and Paul Morrow. We have had 2 deaths since the last meeting, Ted Loring, Fred Ostermann,

The membership break down by Caucus is as follows: Los Angeles 77, Portland 37, San Diego/Arizona 27, San Francisco 45, and Seattle 46. The Society as a whole has a ratio of 64.22 % Fellows and 35.78% Retired Fellows with a range of 55% to 70% in the Caucuses.

The meeting was adjourned by President Lamb at 6 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Jerry Shefren, M.D.

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