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Second Board of Directors Meeting
Windmill at Ashland, Ashland, Oregon
Sunday, October 7, 2001

President Israel called the second Board of Directors Meeting to order at 7:30 AM at the Windmill Inn, Ashland, Oregon. In attendance were President Israel, Past President Peacock, Secretary Treasurer Shefren, Directors Clewell, Robertson, Rust, and Collins.

Invited guests included Editor of Scientific Proceedings Burry, Arrangement Chair 2001 Enbom, and Program Chair 2001 Nichols.

Secretary/Treasurer Shefren read the minutes of the Second Business Meeting, which were corrected and approved.

Unfinished Business
Ken Burry made a motion seconded by Simon Henderson to discontinue the written publication of the Transactions and move them to the Website. The motion was amended by Ron Millard to include the Histories and the motion passed without dissent. Emmet Lamb recommended that we make them available on CD for those who want it and Gordon Peacock added that many Libraries would probably want the CD version.

Secretary Shefren presented the report of his meeting with Assistant Secretary Laughead to update the Fellow information for the Transactions. The Fellows will receive a form in one of the future mailings that will allow them to update their personal information.

Arrangements Chair 2001 Enbom gave his report of the meeting. At this time it appears the meeting will break even or slightly negative, but all the information is not available yet. He asked whether the name badges next year should have the city of residence or city of practice. The Board agreed to list the city of practice and not list M.D. or other special titles for the members or companions. The change to a cash bar was discussed. Some Board members had received comments both positive and negative but most had not had any comments at all. There was some discussion about the athletic awards taking a long time at the dinner dance. The Board recommended that at future meetings the awards be given at the reception dinner and be limited in length. Patty Robertson complimented Dr. Enbom on the child care arrangements. She perceived positive comments about the friendliness of the Society during the meeting.

Dr. Peacock made a motion seconded by Lyman Rust to place all Society Guests on the ballot. The motion past unanimously.

The Board discussed the possibility of inviting widows or widowers of members to attend meetings. Because of the sensitivity of the issue the Board agreed that it would be best if a personal friend of the widow invited them to attend as personal guests.

The Board discussed the previous decision to require PowerPoint presentations in 2003. The Board felt it was important to move in this direction and will reassess the issue after the 2002 meeting.

New Business
Patty Robertson asked if we could fast track members who were ready to present a paper earlier than 2 years. The By-Laws require the 2 year hiatus. The Board agreed that a caucus guest could present a paper as a guest of the Board in the year following their Caucus Guest attendance. They might then do a formal discussion or a paper in the following year when they are a formal Society Guest.

The rate of drop out was again discussed by the Board. Simon Henderson advised the Board that the San Francisco caucus had agreed that the Caucus Guest sponsor would be the mentor and would involve others as needed to help them prepare a paper.

Dr. Enbom asked if we should have an official policy about the companions attending the scientific session since many fellows and companions were professionals and would want to attend and receive CME. Since they pay the same registration. It was agreed that they could attend if they wish and receive CME credit.

The meeting was adjourned by President Israel at 8:30 AM.

Respectively Submitted,
Jerry Shefren, M.D.

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