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Second Business Meeting
Windmill at Ashland, Ashland, Oregon
Saturday, October 6, 2001

President Gordon Peacock called the Second Business Meeting to order at 11:30 AM Saturday, October 5, 2001 at the Windmill Inn, Ashland, Oregon.

Secretary Shefren read the minutes of the 1st Business Meeting. President Peacock asked for discussion on the Society Guests for 2001. The following Guests were presented and received positive comments from the membership; Fikret Atamdede, Linda Eckert, Sandra Emmons, John Oliver, Linda Partoll, Nickola Rogers, Steven Vasilev, and Deborah Wing.

President Peacock asked for the report of the Audit Committee. Frosty Boyd reported that the committee’s review of the records indicated that the finances were in good shape. He pointed out that the Society spends considerable funds for the Transactions and mailings. He supported the move to an electronic format for as much of the mailings as possible. He also commented on the number of late cancellations for the meeting and recommended consideration of penalties for late cancellations.

President Peacock asked for the report of the Nominating Committee from Chairman Michael Smith. He presented the ballot recommended by the committee as follows.

President-Elect Emmet Lamb
Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren
Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead

President Peacock called for nominations from the floor. Dr. Enbom made a motion to close the nominations, which was seconded and passed unanimously. The candidates were deemed elected.

Outgoing President Peacock handed the gavel to incoming President Bob Israel. President Israel thanked President Peacock for his long and excellent service to the Society as Secretary/Treasurer and President. He noted that President Peacock was accepted into the Society in 1980 and has been a major force ever since. He became Secretary at Squaw Creek in 1995 and was the epitome of how important and successful a Secretary/Treasurer can be. He presented him with a ceremonial gavel gift that was hand made by former President Ted Loring.

President Israel advised the membership that plans for the 2002 meeting were progressing well and he anticipated an excellent meeting both in academics and social activities.

President Israel adjourned the meeting at 12:15 pm.

Respectively Submitted,
Jerry Shefren, M.D.

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