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Minutes of the First Board of Directors’ Meeting
Windmill at Ashland, Ashland, Oregon
Wednesday, October 4, 2001

President Gordon Peacock called the 1st Board of Directors meeting to order 4:30 pm on October 3, 2001 at the Windmill Inn, Ashland, Oregon.

In attendance were President-Elect Bob Israel, Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Shefren, Assistant Secretary Marilyn Laughead, Board Members Bill Clewell, Michael Collins, Simon Henderson,

Hedric Hanson, Lyman Rust and Past President Gainer Pillsbury.

Invited Guests included Ken Burry Editor of Scientific Proceedings, Richard Paulson Program Chair for 2002, Mark Nichols Program Chair 2001, Jack Enbom Arrangements Chair for 2001, Ron Milliard Historian, and Phil Patton Assistant Editor Scientific Proceedings 2001.

President Peacock discussed the need to make decisions in a number of areas to include electronic communications, pharmaceutical support, and Memorial Fund changes. He thanked Jack and Kay Enbom for their work preparing for this meeting and expects that everyone will have a great time.

Minutes of the Interim Board of Directors Meeting The minutes of the Interim Board of directors meeting of March 3, 2001 were approved.

Report of the Secretary/Treasurer
The Secretary reported on the activities of the Society for the past year. The 67th annual meeting in Hawaii hosted by the San Francisco Caucus was as great success. In attendance were 80 fellows, 15 retired fellows, 11 Society Guests, 18 Caucus Guests, 8 Ted Adams Scholarship guests and 20 Board of Director guests. In addition there were 121 companions for a total of 283. The program produced 19 papers for publication, of which 9 were by Society Guests, 4 were Resident papers, 5 were by Fellows, and the Presidential Address.

Report of the Assistant Secretary
Secretary Laughead reported that the 2000 Transactions have been distributed and should have been received by the Fellows. Secretary Laughead indicated that obituaries will be written on the members who died in the past year and will be included in the next version of the Transactions. She was waiting for a decision by the Board regarding the best way to update the current histories in the Transactions, which have not been updated since their original submission by the Fellows. President Peacock agreed that will be discussed later in the meeting.

Report of the Historian
Historian Ron Milliard also is waiting for a decision on how to publish the updates to the histories that he has completed. The remaining printed histories will be distributed to new members at the meeting.

Financial Report
Secretary Treasurer Shefren gave the following financial report:
The Society currently has $149,000 in interest bearing accounts. Those funds include $45,075 from dues, $50,730 for the Ashland meeting registration, Memorial Fund contributions of $3,075, Scholarship funds from 2000 of $15,220, and $34,900 from 2000 reserves.

The scholarship funds currently total $242,152 divided between the Frank Lynch Memorial Fund, The Ted Adams Scholarship Fund, and the Charles Kimball Memorial fund.

Tax Returns 2000
Secretary Shefren distributed copies of the 2000 tax returns to the Board.

Committee Reports

Program Committee 2001
Program Chair for 2001 Mark Nichols reported that there would be 18 papers instead of 21 since the authors pulled 3 papers. Fellows will present 10 of the papers and the remaining 8 from Society Guests. In addition there will be 8 poster presentations and the Frank Lynch Memorial Essay. Dr. Susan Tolle is our guest speaker and will discuss End of Life Care from the Oregon Experience. Dr. Nichols reported that the meeting is credited with 13 cognates from ACOG. Only 3 of the speakers will be using Power Point presentations this year. The Board discussed the value of moving to electronic presentations. Dr. Pillsbury made a motion seconded by Dr. Burry to encourage Power Point presentation next year and require them in 2003. The motion passed without dissent. Dr. Nichols also recommended that all abstracts be submitted electronically by e-mail or electronic media. This would save the time of our secretary retyping the abstracts and avoid transcription errors. The Board agreed to this requirement for 2002 abstracts.

Arrangements Committee 2001
Arrangements Chair for 2001 Jack Enbom reported that the meeting arrangements are progressing well. We have tickets for all antendees to see the play OO-BLA-DEE on Friday and tickets for other plays have been purchased by the Fellows as available. We expect to have approximately 200 attendees at the meeting. We have more than enough child support for the meeting and the companion activities should be well received.

Editor, Scientific Proceedings
Scientific Editor Burry reported on the results of the Hawaii Meeting. There were 20 papers submitted and 19 will be published in addition to the Presidential Address. They include 4 resident papers, 9 Society Guest papers, 5 Fellow papers, and the Frank Lynch Memorial Essay. This year we will have 29 presentations, which include 8 resident posters, 10 papers from fellows, and 8 Society Guest papers. In addition we have the Frank Lynch Memorial Essay, the paper by Dr. Tolle our guest speaker, and the Presidential Address. He reported that the Journal has reversed their stance on page limitations for the present time. The Board discussed the lower interest in resident papers this year. Drs Israel and Nichols emphasized the need for more personal interaction with the Department Chairs to encourage participation. Dr. Peacock requested that Program Committee members make contact with the University representatives in their area to get more involvement.

Program Committee 2002
Program Committee 2002 Chair Richard Paulson reported he is working with President-Elect Israel on the meeting particulars. We currently have acceptances from 10 of the 2002 Society Guests.

Arrangements Chair 2002
Lyman Rust the Arrangements Chair for 2002 advised the Board that the meeting plans are going well. He is still working on particulars for the companion program and Thursday night event. The facilities are excellent and he expects to have more information by the interim Board meeting. Dr Israel announced the members of the committee for the 2002 meeting, Program-Richard Paulson, Arrangements-Lyman and Beth Rust, Registration-Tom Powers, Hospitality-Frank Gamberdella, Golf-Ron and Beverly Nelson, Tennis-Beth Rust and Lorraine Paulson, Cycling-Ezra Davidson, Children’s-Activities Sandra and Paul Fuller.

Dr. Israel also reported that he will have Subir Roy act as Industry Liaison for the meeting.

The Board discussed the difficulty obtaining industry grants under our current restrictions. Secretary Shefren reported that the current expenses for meetings cannot be met without a very significant increase in registration or more pharmaceutical support. Pharmaceutical support of this magnitude will require allowing a presence at the meetings in the form of exhibits. After lengthy discussions a motion was unanimously passed to allow limited exhibits at future meetings from sponsoring pharmaceutical companies to allow for a quality meeting at a reasonable cost to the membership. The decisions for each meeting would be the responsibility of the Program Committee and the Secretary Treasurer. This will be presented for approval to the membership at the first business meeting.

Current membership of the Society consists of 239 members. There are 149 Fellows, 80 Retired Fellows, 8 Non Resident Fellows, and 2 Honorary Fellows.

All 14 Society guests were proposed for membership and voted in as Fellows.

Los Angeles: Karen Durinzi, Kimberly Gregory, Roy Steinke
San Diego/Arizona: Paul Koonings, Karl Luber
Portland: Marsha Gorrill, Glenn Huerta-Enochian
San Francisco: Lloyd Smith
Seattle: Frederick Ambrose, Gretchen Lentz, John Naiden

Retired Fellows approved by the Board during 2001 Roger Freeman, Edward Quilligan, Tawfik Rizkallah, Roy Pitkin, Michael Smith, Charles Broberg.

Resignations in 2001 include George Weghorst, Edward Merchant, and Conley Lacy.

Deaths reported to the Board in 2001; Ridhard Bolton, Jessie Rust, John Stapleton, William Young, and Colin McCorriston.

Society Guests for 2001; Fikret Atamdede, Linda Eckert, Sandra Emmons, John Oliver, Linda Partoll, Nickila Rogers, Steven Vasilev, and Deborah Wing.

Society Guests for 2002 that have accepted to date; Jodell Boyle, Kathleen Bradley, Emmett Branigan, Dru Carlson, Jim Goeswher, Barbara Goff, Jess Hickerson, Thomas Kosasa, Howard Muntz, and Nelson Teng.

Caucus Guests for 2001; John Brown, Edith Cheng, Andrew Combs, Renee Edwards, Linda Fox, John Girard, Fung Lam, John Lenihan, Gerard Letterie, Katherine Liniecki, Paul Marshburn, Lynn McLean, Jone Sampson, Wendy Smith, David Soll, Dena Towner, and Cinna Wohlmuth.

Personal Guests 2001; Lee-May Chen, Rachel Pruyn-Goldstein, Robert Krauss, Lee Learman, Joel Cohen, and Michael Lee.

Guests of the Board of Directors 2001; Jodell Boyle, Anne Chang, Elaine Chien, Caryn Dutton, Juan Felix, Afshan Hameed, Jessica McAlpine, Vance McCausland, Neva Phair, Susan Tolle, and Mathew van der Veen.

Committee Reports

Electronic Communications Committee
Secretary Shefren reported that the committee has not yet met. However he has contracted with a professional Web-Site developer who will update the current site and create public and member only sections. It will have the capability to have the Transactions, Histories, Minutes, Newsletters and virtually all communications online. This would insure more accurate and timely information and save considerable printing costs.

Unfinished Business
The Board discussed the option of allowing members to contribute to memorial fund of their choice in the future. It was felt that members might be more interested in contributing if they could designate where the funds would go. The Board approved a motion to allow members to contribute to the fund of their choice.

New Business
Timing of the Board of Directors meeting. Dr. Israel presented a request of Dr. Robertson to consider only one Board meeting at each annual meeting. The Secretary explained that the first meeting is necessary to prepare for the issues of the meeting including the 2 Business Meetings and the Second to allow for the new president to set direction for the next year. The Board voted to keep the meetings as they presently exist realizing that everyone will not be able to make each meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Award- President Peacock suggested that the award be made just before the 2nd Business Meeting.

Future Meetings
2002 Westin Mission Hills Resort, Rancho Mirage 10/22-10/26/2002
2003 The Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Alaska 9/16-9/21/2003
2004 Phoenix Marriott Desert Ridge 10/19-10/23/2004

The Board approved the Learning Objectives for the meeting as indicated below:

  1. To learn about specific research projects and their application to clinical practice in obstetrics and gynecology, through oral presentations and poster sessions by different members of the Pacific Coast Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and their invited guests.
  2. To review a controversial topic in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, by inviting a national expert to present and review data.
  3. To network professionally with leaders in the field of obstetrics and gynecology as regards the future of the specialty, residencies, and medical students.

President Peacock adjourned the meeting at 6:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted by,
Jerry Shefren, M.D.

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