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Deadline Checklist & FAQs


January 15, 2021 draft of your abstract (this must contain a clear description of the research project) Submission is through the Society's web site - www.pcogs.org. Under the "Authors" tab, click on the drop down "Abstract Submission Form" to upload your initial abstract. [Both ORAL & Poster]

May 1, 2021 final version of your abstract (this must contain results of your work)
ABSTRACTS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE SOCIETY WEB SITE. Click here for Instructions for uploading your abstract to the web site. The published program for the meeting will contain this abstract. [Both ORAL & Poster]

JULY 21, 2021 REVIEWABLE MANUSCRIPT DUE MANUSCRIPTS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE SOCIETY WEB SITE. Click here for Instructions for uploading your reviewable manuscript to the web site. The formal discussant of your presentation will use this document to prepare their formal discussion. Adherence to this deadline is imperative to assure the individual that volunteered to discuss your presentation has adequate time to prepare their portion of the presentation. [Both ORAL & Poster]

OCTOBER 13, 2021 Manuscript submission to the Journal (this must contain data that has been analyzed). PCOGS is utilizing Elsevier Electronic Submission (EES), an online editorial system, as requested by the publisher and editorial staff of the American Journal of OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY.

AJOG’s “Guidelines for Authors” may be downloaded from http://www.ees.elsevier.com/ajog for assistance in preparation of your manuscript. Your manuscript must conform to these guidelines.

Adherence to the above deadline is required to allow sufficient time for the peer review process. Your manuscript will not be processed for peer review until all these items are received by the Journal.

  1. 1. COVER LETTER - Refer to the AJOG “Checklist” for the information to be included in your submission.
  2. 2. MANUSCRIPT – Please refer to the *Guide for Authors for format requirements.
  3. 3. COMPLETED AJOG *CHECKLIST – Please scan and download file into EES.
  4. 4. *STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP - Must be signed by all authors and uploaded into EES.
  5. 5. LIST OF THREE SUGGESTED PEER REVIEWERS that includes their address and contact information (phone, fax, e-mail).
*Documents can be found on the EES Homepage or at the following website: http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/623277/authorinstructions

Future communications concerning your manuscript, which will include peer reviews and notification of the final disposition of your manuscript, will come directly from the Editors of the Journal.



Guidelines for Abstracts
  1. Title is in capital letters, flush with the left margin of the box. Titles should include key words that reflect the content of the abstract. Abstracts should adequately describe the objectives and results of the research. Each abstract should contain: (a) Objective(s): Reflects the purpose of the study (the hypothesis that is being tested). (b) Study Design: The setting for the study, the subjects (number and type), the treatment or intervention, and the type of statistical analysis used. (d) Results: The outcome(s) of the study and, if appropriate its/their statistical significance; (e) Conclusion: The significance of the results. Abbreviations may be used in the title and text of abstracts if they are defined. Spell out the term in full at first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses.
  2. All sources of support of this research should be identified on the abstract.
  3. PROOFREADING IS ESSENTIAL. Typographical errors and deviations from good English usage will be apparent in the published abstracts.
  4. The abstract should fit in a space measuring 8" wide and 4" long. Please use no smaller than a 10 Font. PLEASE TURN OFF AUTO FORMATTING
A message from Dr. Caughey, EDITOR OF SCIENTIFIC PROCEEDINGS - OPTIONAL Manuscript Pre-review

This process is particularly meant for first time authors and guests. The competition for publication in the American Journal of OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY is intense. The pre-review process will denote recommended revisions to your manuscript. The goal is to produce an improved manuscript prior to the AJOG review process.

IMPORTANT: If you opt to have a pre-review, indicate this at the time you are uploading your reviewable manuscript to the Society web site. REQUESTS FOR PRE-REVIEW AFTER JULY 22, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


NO LATER THAN 3-weeks prior to start of Annual Meeting, submit your PowerPoint presentation (.ppt file) to Dr. Tom Powers (Audio Visual Manager), electronically at drtwp@aol.com, after first running an updated version of your computer's anti-virus software [ORAL & POSTER]
  1. To comply with the ACCME guideline regarding disclosure of financial relationships with commercial interests, slide one (preceding Title slide) must be a "Disclosure Slide" that indicates:
    1.1 Financial ownership or significant stock position in any company whose products will be mentioned
    1.2 Honorarium or Speakers Bureau relationship with any companies
    1.3 Any discussion involving FDA off label indications for drugs or devices.
  2. Any version of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows may be used.
  3. The Society's laptop (not one's own laptop) will be used for all presentations
  4. You can make minor presentation changes in-between the deadline date and the Annual Meeting, providing you bring an electronic copy of the revised presentation to the Meeting with you. The updated file must be given to the Audio Visual manager at least 24 hours before the presentation or it will not be accepted. Adhering to the deadline gives Dr. Powers ample time to determine if any compatibility problem exists.
PowerPoint Tips


Thirty (30) minute presentations
  • 15 minutes for presentation
  • 5 minutes for formal discussion
  • 10 minutes for questions and discussion from the assembly
Twenty (20) minute presentations
  • 10 minutes for presentation
  • 10 minutes for questions and discussion from the assembly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I submitted my finalized abstract for the printed program but revised it later on. Can I resubmit it so that current data appears in the printed program?

A: No, the deadline must be adhered to because of our timeline, which we know makes it hard to have the most current data in the printed program. Therefore, it is okay to begin your presentation by stating the work was updated since the abstract was published.

Q: Can I revise my PowerPoint presentation after having submitted it?

A: Minor revisions only are permitted, you bring an electronic copy of the revised presentation to the Meeting with you.

Q: My PowerPoint presentation file is too large to electronically submit. What can I do?

A: Divide the presentation into as many files as necessary to enable electronic submission or submit to Dr. Powers through Dropbox.

Q: Poster presentation: What is the maximum poster size and maximum number of words?

A: : 36" x 60" - Printing of the posters will be handled through makesigns.com. When submitting your order use Purchase order number "Res/Fel-2019" for payment of the printing charges. Note on your order that your scientific poster printing is through Pacific Coast Ob/Gyn Society.

Q: I have never done a poster, any tips?
  1. Select a font without curlicues or other embellishments, such as Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, and use it throughout the poster. Add emphasis with boldface, underlining, or color.
  2. For section headings, use boldface, 36-font size.
  3. For supporting text, use a 24-font size (boldface, if appropriate).
  4. Narrative details, if included, should be brief. Use no less than an 18-font size.
  5. Attempt to fit blocks of text onto a single page, which will simplify cutting and pasting when assembling the poster. For this same reason, consider using 11 x 14-in. paper in the landscape mode when printing text blocks.
Q: Who do I contact with questions about poster display provisions?

A:The Arrangements Chair, Dr Jodell Boyle, at JodellB@gmail.com.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about:
  1. Abstracts-only. The Program Chair, Dr. Aaron Caughey, caughey@ohsu.edu.
  2. Manuscripts, prior to submission to the Journal. The Editor of Scientific Proceedings, Dr. Aaron Caughey caughey@ohsu.edu
  3. Manuscripts, after submission to the Journal. The Managing Editor of the Journal, Sandra Perrine, at perrine@ajog.phxcoxmail.com, or phone (480) 812-9261.
  4. Meeting program structure. The Program Chair. Dr. Aaron Caughey, caughey@ohsu.edu or phone 408-314-1792.
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